Could You Make it to Coding Night?

JavaScript Coding Nights are meetups of JavaScript developers who want to find a solution to an interesting programming tasks within three hours.

This week's coding night (January 19th 2016) was hosted by Mantro GmbH in their luminous office in Munich. Mantro is a technology company where intrapreneurship and technology play a big part and so they like to meet software developers.

The topic for the coding night was developing a Tic-Tac-Toe game with TypeScript and AngularJS 2.

TypeScript is a language that compiles to JavaScript. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft. AngularJS 2 meanwhile is an open source web application framework sponsored by Google.

Developers at work.
One possible solution.

Version two is still in beta but it is already usable for non-production environments. It is used for the client-side or front-end part.

To the delight of the participating developers there was free pizza and beer available. Everybody concentrated with the laptops they brought and feverishly worked on a solution. But for many it was harder than thought. For once Angular 2 posed a number of problems as it is different from Angular 1. Then TypeScript was new for most of the developers. Only one of the organisers, Radu Creosteanu, managed a complete solution.

In the end everybody thought they learned a lot and would welcome another round of JavaScript Coding Nights.

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